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Cabled Boretrak®

360 degree View

Cabled Boretrak®

MDL's industry standard Cabled Boretrak® utilises a solid state magnetic compass to enable users to quickly and safely survey blast hole geometry for blast design and audit purposes.

The compass allows the use of the Boretrak® in any areas not subjected to magnetic interference.

Cable deployed down borehole
Cabled Boretrak Data Front Elevation
Cabled Boretrak deployed through borehole
Cabled Boretrak Deployment
Cabled bortrak and borehole entry
Software Screenshot


  • Reliable measurement of borehole deviation resulting in more accurate burden calculations
  • More efficient blasting
  • Better fragmentation
  • Reduced cost of explosives
  • Light and easily portable
  • Simple to use
  • Very little training required


  • Cast blasting
  • Exploration drilling
  • Foundation drilling
  • Engineering works
  • Quarry blasting
  • Underground mining
  • Pre-split blasting
  • Dam pinning
  • Piling

MDL has designed the Cabled Boretrak® as a means of auditing the results of drilling activity quickly and accurately. Incorrect setting of drill angles, borehole wander and drilling to incorrect depths can result in fly rock incidents, inefficient blasting and environmental issues.

The system features a rugged probe containing a dual axis tilt sensor and digital compass that calculates the borehole deviation from the collar position at fixed intervals. Data is transmitted from the surface via the heavy duty cable and recorded in the MDL CDU logger. The CDU can be handheld or attached to the MDL lightweight tripod for ease of use.

The Boretrak® system is also supplied with a weighted extension piece that can be filled with lead shot or sand, to ballast the system for use in deep or flooded holes.

MDL's Boretrak® 3D software is used to process the data and produce a hard copy of the results. Holes can be displayed individually, or in any combination to determine hole separations. The data can also be integrated into third party software systems, including MDL's Face 3D Pro software.

Drag the image to view Cabled Boretrak® in 360 degree view