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Cavity Auto-Scanning Laser (C-ALS®)

360 degree View


The C-ALS®, MDL's unique laser scanner, is not only changing underground surveying, it has also begun to change the way mining operations are carried out, making previously dangerous tasks possible to conduct in complete safety. By deploying a C-ALS® unit through a borehole, previously inaccessible or unsafe voids, cavities and ore passes can be surveyed accurately in total safety.

MDL's new C-ALS® MK3 has a faster scanning rate, enabling surveys of underground cavities to be carried out more quickly than ever before. The IP67 rated system dramatically improves the safety, security and planning of mines by providing timely and accurate information for decision making.

C-ALS Bath Project
C-ALS Cavity Scan(1)
C-ALS Deployment
measuring the clearance between two voids

With a diameter of just 50 mm, the compact probe can be deployed through boreholes to survey inaccessible spaces. A nosecone camera provides a view of the borehole during deployment, alerting the operator to any obstructions in the hole as well as the point at which the C-ALS® enters the void. Once in the void the scanning head rotates to measure the three dimensional shape of the void and its surface reflectivity.

The C-ALS® MK3 can withstand being submerged under water to a depth of one metre, reducing the risk of damage in the event the unit is deployed accidentally into a flooded cavity. The motorised 2-axis scanning head has a 360° field of view enabling the user to gain 3D images of the void, with a range of up to 150 metres. The C-ALS® MK3 probe incorporates pitch and roll sensors and has the option of an internal compass. The sensors ensure accurate orientation and positioning of the scanned point cloud. A system of hinged, lightweight one metre rods provide a fixed azimuth capability that enables easy deployment either downhole, uphole or horizontally.

A load-bearing cable attached to the probe transmits all the measured data back to the surface unit and a ruggedised computer is used to control the C-ALS® from a safe location and to acquire data. MDL's CavityScan software provides an on-screen video from the C-ALS® camera and real-time 3D view of the void as it is scanned.


• IP67
• Survey inaccessible voids safely
• Deploy in long narrow boreholes
• Scan voids in minutes not hours
• 360° spherical coverage with no blind spots
• Nosecone camera to assist deployment
• Orientation sensors ensure scan is automatically geo-referenced to fit into existing 3D mine data


• Ore pass erosion monitoring
• Stope surveying
• Void investigation
• Mine rescue
• Abandoned mine surveying
• Bridge internal void surveys
• Nuclear facilities
• Bunker surveys
• Subsidence investigations
• Tunnel surveys

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