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Dynascan M250 3D Mobile Mapping System

M250 single head at an angle render      

360 degree View

The Dynascan M250 is MDL's entry level  mapping grade mobile laser scanning system.

The Dynascan ‘plug and play' LiDAR system is a fully integrated high speed laser scanner, high accuracy GPS positioning system and inertial measurement unit. The system is light weight, highly portable and may be used on land vehicles or marine vessels to acquire 3D mapping grade data of topography, urban developments, industrial plants (including overhead utility cables, bridges, dams, harbours, beaches and rivers), canal banks and much more.

These all weather rugged and highly portable systems are designed for use in harsh environments such as off road slower speed applications like mine mapping, stockpile surveys, coastal surveying and asset management  projects.

Beach and dune scan
Beach Scanning in progress
Beach Survey
Dynascan Mounted on Buggy for Beach Scan
Dynascan on Buggy
Dynascan on Large buggy in marshlands
Dynascan on truck in quarry
Dynascan quarry image
Dynascan Quarry Scan
Harbour Survey
Lighthouse Scan Image
Photo of scan area
Quarry Survey

The Dynascan M250 would be most suitable for use in confined mine and quarry areas where the operator can remain safe within the confines of the vehicle. The system is ideal for stockpile measurements, entire quarry mapping and pre and post blast comparisons.

MDL's single head systems are most effective because of the slow speed nature of off road and marine mapping operations which require multiple changes of direction and multiple 'stop starts'.

These simple systems are ideal for users who are new to the mobile mapping business, since they are easy to operate, calibrate, and transport.

The Dynascan M150 3D mobile mapping system ideal for mobile laser scanning on vehicles and vessels to provide 3D point cloud data  

Technical Specifications

Class 1 IEC 60825-1 (2007)

Range: up to 250 m

Laser range accuracy: ± 5 cm at 50 m
(Kodak white card to 1 sigma)

Range resolution: 1 cm (0.4”)

Scanner field of view: 360°

Scanner angle resolution: 0.01°

Scanner rate: up to 20 Hz

Beam footprint: 120 mm x 8 mm at 50 m

Pulse measurement rate: 36,000 points per second


Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C (+14°F to +122°F)

Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)


Power & Dimensions

Power: 12 to 17 volts DC 120W

Weight: 14.8 kg (32.56 lbs)

Size (mm): L677 x W263 x H240

Attitude Accuracy

Dual GNSS antenna heading: 0.1°

Roll: 0.03°

Pitch: 0.03°

Horizontal position accuracy

GNSS modular receiver

RTK accuracy up to 2 cm (horizontal)

Options to take corrections from various sources


A - GNSS antenna
B - Radio antenna for GNSS RTK corrections


Drag the image to view Dynascan M250 3D Mobile Mapping System in 360 degree view