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Dynascan M250 X-Plane

M250 X-Plane angled render    

360 degree View

Dynascan X-Plane is a dual scanning laser system with integrated GPS / GLONASS, INS and dual GPS Antenna heading system. Mapping grade X-Plane systems are available with a 250 metre range capability.

The systems two lasers are mounted at fourty five degrees reducing shadows encountered when scanning. We have maintained the benefits of the single head system keeping the unit light weight, highly portable and suitable for use on land vehicles or marine vessels to acquire 3D point cloud data.

3D laser scan image of a road
3D point cloud data from bridge survey
Dynascan On Vehicle
Dynascan XPlane On Vehicle
GIS survey
Highway and Infrastructure data
Infrastructure - Asbuilt
Point cloud data from scanning a road interchange
Powerline Survey
Road mapping using the Dynascan 3D mobile mapper
Road Survey
Street Scene data
X-Plane mounted on truck
X-Plane windfarm survey 2
X-Plane windfarm survey
Xplane Highway Scan
Xplane Interchange Scan

Dynascan range

M250 single head at an angle render M250 X-Plane angled render  The Dynascan S250 is used for 3D laser scannning in extreme environmentsThe Dynascan S250 is a survey grade 3D mobile mapper
Dynascan M250Dynascan M250 X-PlaneDynascan S250Dynascan S250 X-Plane

The system is ideal for GIS and Infrastructure applications. The dynamic data acquisition of the Dynascan enables a complete street scene to be scanned in one pass; this detailed point cloud data can provide accurate information on a wide range of feature extractions.The system can gather data safely and efficiently without the need for surveyors to leave the vehicle, allowing rapid and safe scanning even in extreme environments.


  • Fully calibrated ‘one pod' solution
  • Robust, portable and all weather housing
  • Can be mounted any moving platform
  • Full technical support
  • Simple to use and install
  • A number of rental options available
The Dynascan M150 X-Plane 3D mobile mapper ideal for urban mapping road scanning and feasibility studies    

Technical Specifications

Class 1 IEC 60825-1 (2007)

Range: up to 250 m

Laser range accuracy: ± 5 cm at 50 m
(Kodak white card to 1 sigma)

Range resolution: 1 cm (0.4”)

Scanner field of view: 360°

Scanner angle resolution: 0.01°

Scanner rate: up to 20 Hz

Beam footprint: 120 mm x 8 mm at 50 m

Pulse measurement rate: 36,000 points per second, per laser


Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C (+14°F to +122°F)

Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)


Power & Dimensions

Power: 12 to 17 volts DC 200W

Weight: 23 kg (50.6 lbs)

Size (mm): L828 x W459 x H240

Attitude Accuracy

Dual GNSS antenna heading: 0.1°

Roll: 0.03°

Pitch: 0.03°

Horizontal position accuracy

GNSS modular receiver

RTK accuracy up to 2 cm (horizontal)

Options to take corrections from various sources


A - GNSS antenna
B - Radio antenna for GNSS RTK corrections


Drag the image to view Dynascan M250 X-Plane in 360 degree view