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Fanned Laser Module (FLM-L)

Fanbeam in perspective facing

360 degree View

Fanned Laser Module (FLM)

MDL produce a range of Fanned Laser Modules (FLM) with a wide vertical detection beam. These modules combine a transmitter and receiver in a single housing and are used in medium range applications to provide effective detection over a wide area; used particularly in traffic management to cover the complete width of a roadway; detecting small vehicles such as motorcycles and/or measuring the speed and height of passing vehicles. Often integrated with cameras and optical character recognition systems in toll booths, these fanned units provide the transportation industry with low cost infrastructure solutions for high speed traffic management systems.

Alongside road traffic applications, the FLM can be used in security, construction and marine markets. From a camera trigger, motion detector, collision avoidance application, each market segment has its own special requirement.

MDL are aware that no two applications are exactly the same, so we work with our OEM partners to provide unique solutions to their individual applications and are always willing to help. The FLM product range are cost effective, accurate, fast and environmentally sealed to IP67 making it the most robust on the market today! MDL provides a set of standard systems which are designed for easy integration in all applications based on commonly required specifications.

The laser modules use time-of-flight technology, put simply it measures the time taken for a very short pulse of infrared laser light to travel from one window in the module, to a very low noise detector in a second window. The distance to the target is calculated from the time taken to make the round trip.

The reflected light signal levels are very low, so the greater the reflectivity of a target, the longer the range over which the target can be seen. Therefore reflective targets will increase the range of each of the modules.

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