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360 degree View

Industrial Laser Module (ILM) 1200

MDL's range of OEM Industrial Laser Modules (ILM) utilise invisible, eye safe, pulsed time of flight technology to provide users with high speed distance, contactless, speed or height information to static or moving passive targets. The ILM-1200 has a reflectorless range of 1,200 metres and a 6000 metre range when used with a highly reflective target. Data rates from 2 Hz to 36 kHz are available with a range of electrical and data output formats to suit most applications.

Applications include surveying, range finding laser scanning, collision avoidance, speed measurement, altimetry and camera triggering. All units have a number of accessories and options to suit a wide range of environmental conditions and installations.

Single or multiple sensors may be configured to output vehicle profiles, axle counting and over height detection.

Model variants

  • R: Standard range finder
  • HR: High repitition

Drag the image to view ILM-1200 in 360 degree view