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Rodded Boretrak®

360 degree View

Rodded Boretrak®

MDL's Rodded Boretrak® provides a simple, efficient solution for measuring uphole and downhole blast geometry.

The non-magnetic sensor design enables the system to be used in areas of high magnetic interference or while measuring inside steel drill casing.

Boretrak and rods
Connecting rod
Rodded Boretrak data - All Holes
Rodded Boretrak deployed down borehole
Rodded Boretrak deployment


  • Reliable measurement of borehole deviation resulting in more accurate burden calculations
  • More efficient blasting - better fragmentation
  • Reduced cost of explosives
  • Light and easily portable
  • Simple to use
  • Very little training required


  • Quarry blasting and burden calculations
  • Cast blasting
  • Exploration drilling
  • Dam pinning
  • Piling
  • Foundations
  • Engineering works
  • Underground mining
  • Pre-split blasting

Incorrect setting of drill angles, borehole wander and drilling to incorrect depths can result in fly rock incidents, inefficient blasting and environmental issues. MDL has designed the Boretrak® as a means of auditing the results of drilling activity quickly and accurately.

MDL's Boretrak® 3D Pro software allows the user to process data and produce printed and/or plotted results typically within 30 minutes of observation. Data can also be easily integrated into a wide range of software packages including MDL's comprehensive rock profiling package, Face 3D Pro.

Drag the image to view Rodded Boretrak® in 360 degree view