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Scanning Laser Module (SLM)

360 degree View

Scanning Laser Module (SLM)

The Scanning Laser Module (SLM) is a compact, rugged, IP66, 360° laser scanner suitable for use by OEM system integrators. Various models based on the Industrial Laser Module (ILM) distance measuring modules, enable range accuracy and scan speeds to be optimised for a wide variety of applications, such as perimeter detection, airplane docking etc. Suitable for high speed 2D laser scanning at pulse rates up to 36 kHz and rotational rates up to 20 Hz, each SLM is uniquely addressable via an Ethernet interface. Up to ten SLM's may be used simultaneously in one network (subject to data rate / bandwidth restrictions).

The laser scanner uses time-of-flight technology, i.e. it measures the time taken for a very short pulse of infrared light to travel from one window in the unit to a target and back a very low noise detector in a co-aligned second window. The distance to the target is half the time taken for the light to make its round trip.

Our standard system is designed for easy integration into all applications. Other variations are available and customisation can be provided for OEM integrators.

The reflected light signal levels are very low, so the greater the reflectivity of a target, the longer the range over which this target can be seen. Therefore reflective targets will increase the range of each of the modules.

Please contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements.

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