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Void Scanner

MDL's new underground rugged void scanner, VS150 Mk3 used to access inhospitable underground stopes and voides in complete safety 

360 degree View

Void Scanner Mk3

A ruggedised, underground, 3D laser scanner used for routine 3D mapping of inaccessible stopes, voids and tunnels. The Void Scanner Mk3 has a 150 meter range and can be deployed on a boom, tripod, Boretrak® rods or customised mount. These flexible deployments allow the collection of precisely referenced point clouds in complete safety. The new Mk3 model has an improved drive system and faster scan speed which significantly reduces survey times, saves costs, and improves safety for the operators.

Cavity scan from Void Scanner
Rugged use of Void Scanner
Void Scanner boom
Void Scanner deployed into cavity via boom
Void Scanner in Cavity
Void Scanner Kit
Void Scanner mounted on tripod
Void Scanner operating in cavity
Void Scanner scanning in cavity
Void Scanner suspended on end of pole
VS150 Scanning


  • Faster scanning speed allowing survey work to be carried out faster than ever before
  • Survey dangerous areas by remote control
  • Accurate ‘onsite' results
  • 3D solutions in real-time
  • Pitch and roll sensors automatically de-tilt data
  • Easy to use
  • Highly portable
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Worldwide support


• Measure voids, stopes and rock faces
• Underground production mining
• Compare design and ‘as-built' data
• Calculate volumes
• Model and monitor unsafe areas


The Void Scanner Mk3 is small, rugged, lightweight, and designed specifically for harsh underground environments.

Simple to use, the Mk3 scans 200 points per second and stores the data on a rugged tablet, PC or laptop computer.

The Void Scanner Mk3 comes complete with MDL's Voidscan software which is used to control the unit and to display (in real-time) laser point clouds in 3D. Data may then be exported into any mine planning package.

Drag the image to view Void Scanner in 360 degree view